Anonymous: is there anything sexual that you havent tried yet (but want to)?

I guess we thought about trying anal just because we can, but everything else I’m pretty sure we’ve tried & if not, we will eventually get there, haha, but I’m satisfied as can be ♥

Anonymous: favorite position(s)?

hahahaha, I don’t even know, I guess I really do like missionary, I think everyone who calls it overrated or overplayed underestimates how good it can be, like damn wrap your legs around his body or around his neck but yeah, it’s not my favourite because I don’t really think I have one, it’s just an easy position to begin with but yeah, that or vaginal sex just from the back, or I like to be on top too, facing front or reverse, doesn’t matter it’s just a little bit noisy, unless he moves his body under yours, that’s always nice, but yeah, it’s great to take control just a little more difficult to start off that way, but really, honestly, I like all the positions, standing, from the side, doggy, anything our bodies come up with really is usually fucking great

Anonymous: naughtiest place you have done it?

um, haha, well… probably in his car in a church parking lot or on my best friend’s bedroom floor on Christmas or in the woods behind our campus in plain sight of the bridge that crosses the Rouge or uh Hell, haha, in my own room with my Mom literally one thin wall away, lmfao, Ali & I are the best ♥

Anonymous: are you good at giving head? could use some tips

I don’t know, I guess? yeah? I have been told but you’d have to ask my boyfriend, lol, but yeah, if you have a gag reflex, like I do, don’t push yourself too far, & vary speeds but not too much, if they like teeth a little use them near the edge of the head, use your tongue, relax your throat, massage their dick with your hand too if you want, but really, just find the rhythm that they like & it’ll be good, haha